Uttanka's Gurudakshina Full story

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Uttanka's Gurudakshina

Utanka felt be found her Uttanka's Gurudakshina The queen he are a good cl These ear-ri Once upon a time, when the wise men of India dwelt in forest hermitages and made thes homes of mud and straw, there lived in such a herrmitage, a young boy called Uttanka Many years passed by, and he grew up.

Soon he had learnt all that his master could leach him Uttanka tha against the One day he went to his master and said, "Dear master. you have taught me all these Suddenly, h years, and yet I have never once repaid you.

Tell me of some gift I may bring you that will please your heart." umed roun after him as into a hole His teacher said, "Child, there is nothing that I desire, Go to your mistress and ask her So Uttanka went to his mistress and, bowing low before her, asked her if there was anything she desired Uttanka wa so small a Yes." she replied. "I have long cherished a wish to wear the earrings worn by the queen Go to her and get them for me. In four days a feast will be held.

I want to wear them on that day. Get the earrings for me and I shall know of your true devotion." "Do not w was thund force of it hole in the Uttanka, hearing this, was filled with dismay. Nevertheless, he set out through the fores to the city, where he knew the king dwelt. Uttanka e slowly alc to the pala He had not gone far, when he saw a huge bull coming towards him.

 As it drew nearer Uttanka saw seated upon the bull a man so large that he drew back in fear. But the man called out, "Uttanka ! Drink this," and he held out a cup full of dirty water. Uttanka turned his head away, but the man said "Drink, Uttanka, it will help you on your way."

He saw th At last he came to the palace of the king. He boldly went inside and did not stop to look about him, till he saw the king himself seated upon the royal throne. "Sir." said Uttanka bowing low, "I have come from a hermitage in the forest many miles from here.

My mistress desires to wear the earrings of the queen on the feast day and if I do not take them to her, I will lose favour in my teacher's eyes." Next he round. "w on with t Uttanka the man The king smiled kindly upon the boy. "You must ask the queen," he said. "Go to ber The ma chamber and ask her." Untanka went to the queen's chamber but he could not find her.

He went back to the king Uttanka and said, "Sir, I cannot find her !" "Blow i The king looked at Uttanka as he stood there, with the dust of travel upon his clothes and his hands and feet dirty and stained, "Is that how you would go to the queen ?" he Uttank body da It burnt said "Let th All the

Uttanka felt ashamed. Washed and clean, he again went in search of the queen. This time he found her The queen held out her hand, and Uttanka saw the ear-rings sparkling in her palm. "You are a good child, Uttanka," she said. "I give you the ear-rings willingly. But beware !

These ear-rings have long been coveted by the Serpent King Do not lose them." and made the lled Uttanka master could Uttanka thanked her and started for home.

 Dusk was falling and he was tired. Leaning against the trunk of a tree, he rested, placing the ear-rings on the ground beside him. Suddenly, he saw a hand snatch the ear-rings and disappear. He sprang to his feet and turned round in time to see a man dressed in rags, running through the forest.

Uttanka ran after him as fast as he could when suddenly the man changed into a snake which wriggled into a hole in the ground. t me all these g you that will and ask her if there wa Uttanka was greatly distressed for, try as he did, he could think of no way to get through so small a hole. He sat down to lament his fate, when an old man appeared before him. py the queen ear them on "Do not worry, my son," he said, "I have come to help you." Even as he spoke, there was thunder and lightning and a great thunderbolt fell. The whole earth shook with the force of it.

Suddenly all was quiet again, but the next to where Uttanka stood was a big hole in the ground. h the fores Uttanka entered the hole and found himself in the kingdom of Serpent King. He walked slowly along and came to two women weaving a piece of cloth. He asked them the way to the palace of the Serpent King. They did not heed him and went on with their weaving.

He saw that their cloth was made of black and white threads. rew nearer. But the man r. Uttanka our way Next he came to a wheel with twleve spokes. Six boys turned the wheel round and round. "What are you doing ? he asked the boys. They did not answer him, and went on with their work. So he went on till he saw a man with a beautiful horse. op to look d Uttanka here. My Uttanka went up to him. He was so struck with the horse that he bowed respectfully to the man and said, "O, Lord, I bow to you. Grant me a favour." o not take The man turned and said, "What can I do for you ?" Uttanka replied, "Let the Serpent King be brought under my power." Go to her "Blow into this horse," the man replied Uttanka went up to the horse and blew and blew, and from every hair of the horse's body darted a flame that shot through every space in the kingdom of the Serpent King.

It burnt the houses till all the serpents rushed out, begging Uttanka to save thecir lives. the king clothes "Let the Serpent King return the ear-rings," said Uttanka. en ?"he All the serpents then clamoured for the king to return the ear-rings. He did so.

The man gave Utanka the horse and in a few moments he was back at the hermitage About the just in time to give the ear-rings to his mistress for the feast. She blessed him for his grea courage When Uttanka related his adventures; his master smiled and said, "The dirty water you accomplish drank, my boy, was ambrosia, that will give you eternal youth. The two maidens weaving Glosse ry the black and white threads are night and day. The wheel with twelve spokes is the yer with its twelve months and the boys, the seasons. The man was the God of Rain and the dwelt horse was the God of Fire. You have been well looked after, my child, and deserve my blessings.Go into the world now, for great fortune awaits you.". In Hindu m hurdles in p hermitage , Unanka, having fulfilled his duties, went into not as other men, for he knew that God protected him. He had nothing to fear. world to seek his living. He w cherished devotion dismay coveted dusk rags wriggled distressed lament thunderbo heed darted ambrosia .

About the Story: i'm for his gre In Hindu mythology, Uttanka is the disciple of a famous sage. He goes through many hurdles in procuring the earrings desired by his guru's wife as Gurudakshina. Uttanka hsei irty water you accomplished the task successfully idens weaving kes is the year f Rain and the


 dwelt -lived

hermitage -a hermit's (saint's) living place

 cherished -held dear

devotion -deep strong love

 dismay- feeling of sadness and distress

 coveted- desired eagerly

dusk- evening, twilight

rags-old and tor clothes

thunderbolt - a flash of lighting with a simultancous crash of thunder