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Monday, 23 September 2019

The Brave Lady of Rajasthan

  •  Name some important figures who sacrificed everything for the freedom of India.
  •  Why do we still remember them?

 Our country was invaded by the enemy. A battalion had been ordered to march across the borders and kill even the civilians, not to spare even a child,an old man or a woman.

The battalion marched towards a little village, avoiding an open encounter with the Indian jawans. The battalion had to march through the hot sand of the desert, always in fear of sudden dangers. However, the movement of the enemy forces was noticed by some of the homeguards well in time and the neighbouring village had been vacated

 The battalion reached the village but noticed no movement, heard no noise. Some soldiers advanced but saw nothing; absolute silence reigned there. The Officer-in-Command, suspecting a hidden attack, ordered an utmost alert on all sides

The Brave Lady of Rajasthan The troops entered a lane and arrived at a small opening where some bags of wheat and a quantity of chapatis, sugar, tea and other provisions were still smoking, though Consumable items evidently been spilt to prevent their falling into the hands of the etnemy pr co star anx

The soldiers were dying of thirst ar f hunger. As soon as the soldiers satisfied themselves, after all their toil and t ing dangers that une pois water or refreshment was to be obtained, they roared with rage but no vengeance was within reach. All W the inhabitants had run away W Suddenly cries were heard coming out of the deserted huts, amongst which the soldiers had dispersed themselves in the hope of discovering some food or water

 "My mot The cries came from a young woman holding a one-year-old child in her arms.
The soldiers were dragging her to their Commander "Sir," said one of them, "Here is a woman we have discovered, sitting beside an old man who is completely paralyzed." She was dressed in the peasant costume of Rajasthan and was pale and trembling to h shor "Co beca with fear. "One "Why are you alone here?" asked the officer. "I stayed with my grandfather who is suffering from paralysis and so could not follow the rest to a safe place, replied the woman boldly as if annoyed to say a susp word in the presence of the enemy, "I staved back to take care of him." "Why have neighbours left the village?

The lady's eyes flashed fire; she fixed on the Commander, look of strange meaning and answered."You know very well. Weren't they all to be killed2w The Commander shrugged his shoulders, "But why did you burn the chapatis and wheat and emptied the milk cans and waterpots?" So that you might find nothing. As they could not carry them off, there was no other way but to destroy them." At this moment, sudden shouts of joy were heard. A group of soldiers appeared carrying some sweets, several pots of water and cans of milk and curds.

The Brave Lady of Rajasthan ne bags of provisions were discovered in an concealed by the straw bed that the old man was lyingg on. The young lady underground hole in the earth, which was were still eir falling stared at them with a look of deep vengeance. The Commander, who was anxious about the poor afnd sinking condition of his troops, rejoiced at this s satisfied reshment unexpected discovery. But then he recollected that wells and tanks were being poisoned.

Where have these provisions come from?" "We had concealed them for ourselves, after destroying the rest." each. All "Where is your husband?" hich the "My husband is in heaven," said she, lifting up her eyes "he died for the or water motherland. I have no relations expect my poor child." She pressed the infant er arms to her bosom. The poor little creature was lean and thin but his large eyes shone as they turned to his mother. eside an "Commander," said one of the soldiers, "Please let us have these provisions because we are very hungry and thirsty embling "One moment, my boys, listen, said he, eyeing the young woman suspiciously. These provisions are good, I hope." uld not O say a

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The Brave Lady of Rajasthan "How should they be otherwise?" replied the Rajasthani woman bravely. "They en are not meant for you." "As this milk is good. you will not object to a glass ofit!" "Oh no! as much as you please," and accepting the glass offered by the commander, she emptied it without hesitation re ve dis "And your child will drink some also," said the Commander "He is so pale, it will do him good." shr dis In holding the cup to her infant's lips her hand slightly trembled, but the child also emptied his cup inf feel Presently.the provisions speedily disappeared and the soldiers took food and water.

Suddenly.the infant began to turn white.Foam came out of his mouth.He app gal was crying with pain. The mother too,though she uttered no groan, could not remain standing, and her features betrayed her sufferings "Wretch!" exclaimed the officer,"you have poisoned us!" sac "Yes" said she,with a feeble smile,falling to the ground beside her child. have poisoned you.

All of you will soon die and go to hell." "Yes,l A. Her last words were hardly audible.The soldiers at first did not understand the full horror of the situation but as the poison worked, they began to fall on the ground in heaps. Afler the war was over, her heroic deed became known to the people.All the countrymen applauded her gallant sacrifice.Long live the brave young lady!Long live those who fought for the independence and died for their II country! Long live our Motherland!