Sunday, 22 September 2019


 I am Ganga
 Snow from the mountains
 The keeper of water.

 I am the plains
 I am the foothills
 I carry the wishes of my streams
 To the sea .

 I am both man and woman

 I am paper boats for children
 I am habits for fishermen
 I am a cloud for shaven monks
 I reflect all movements

  I am the bridge
 I am the fort and the archer
 Taking aim
 I am the great dissolver of men

I give life and I take it back

 I go out into the world
 I am the world
 I am nations, cities, people
I am the pages of an unbound book
 My room is the air around me

 I am dressed in water
 I am naked as water
 I am clarity

 Billy goats
 Come down from the mountain
 Without finding solitude
 Camels return from the desert

 I make two lines in the sand
 And say they are unbreakable walls

 I make the four directions one
 I know the secret of walking.

I am the death of fire

 From smoke I learn disappearance
 From the ocean unprejudice

From birds
How to find a rest-house
 In the storm
From the leopard
 How to cover the sun
With spots

 In summer I tend watermelons
 And in flood I stay
 Near the postman's house

 I am a beggar
 I am a clown
 And I am shadowless

                                                                                - A.K.  Mehrotra 

ganga song

 About the poem 

 I am a beggar I am a clown And I am shadowless -A.K. Mehrotra 2. Whar About the poem This poem has the river Ganga speaking in its own voice and revealing its thoughts and feelings. The use of the first person 'I' focuses on the centrality of the river and the focus is on the identity of the Ganga, its purpose and character B) Answ 1. Wha Songs of the Ganga' begins with self-introductory 'I am Ganga'. Ganga which is formed of the melted snow from the mountains is also a restorer of water. The myriad 2. Com streams flow within her; and their wishes are carried to the sea by her. Not being 3. Whe confined within a woman. particular gender slot, the Ganga claims: I am both man and 4. Wha (C) Answ The children seek the river to float their paper boats, fishermen for their 1. Hov livelihood and shaven monks for solace. In addition to giving, the river also learns a 2. Hov lot from the elements of nature, birds and animals. The ocean teaches the river to keep away from bias and prejudice. The birds teach it to find a refuge even in the middle of a storm. During summer the river helps watermelons to grow and during floods it stays by the postman's house. (D) Th Yo The Ganga plays a variety of roles from being a beggar to a clown to finally compc being shadowless. The poet A.K Mehrotra celebrates the identity of the river Ganga and expresses an enjoyment of the imaginative freedom he has discovered in presenting the picture of the Ganga.