Maharana Pratap and A Sacrifice for Motherland big histroy

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Maharana Pratap and A Sacrifice for Motherland big histroy 

A Sacrifice for Motherland

 A Sacrifice for Motherland 12 TFBSS3 Punna Dhai (The Loyal Nurse) Whose picture is it? Do you know something about the great sacrifice of her ? Let us read the following story to know more about Punna Dhai and her great sacrifice for her motherland. Punna Dhai was the loyal maid of Rani Karnavati, wife of Maharana Sangram Singh (Rana Sanga) of Mewar. Before committing Jauhar', she called her little son Udai Singh's faithful nurse and said, "Punna, my lord awaits me in Heaven'. I entrust the future king of Mewar to your care. You will be his mother hereafter, not I. Promise me to protect him till he is able to rule his people." Punna accepted the great responsibility with tears in her eyes. "He will be my son hereafter, oh queen!," she said sobbingly Prince Vikramajit, an unworthy ruler, was already unpopular in Mewar

A Sacrifice for Motherland The high spirited and brave men of Mewar could not tolerate his cruelity insolence and injustice. They murdered him. Banbir, the son of Rana Sanga's brother,Prithviraj, was then choosen to rule during the minority of Prince, Uda Singh.'He was both ambitious and cunning. He wanted the throne, so he decided to kill Udai Singh. He was neither noble nor kind. He awaited the approach of night to kill the child (Udai Singh), Now the night had fallen. Little Udai Singh had just taken his food and gone to bed. Punna had just lulle him into deep sleep, suddenly she heard great uproar in the direction of the women's quarters. An old maid- servant had just arrived to pick up the remains of the prince's meal "What is the noise about?", asked Punna anxiously "Banbir, the new ruler, is eager to siege the throne permanently for himself. He wants to murder the young prince, Udai Singh",whispered the old women in a trembling voice. Without wasting a moment, Punna took up the little prince. She hid him in a fruit basket. She covered the basket with leaves. She handed it to the woman. She ordered the woman, *"Take it and hide it among the bushes of the river bed" Then she put her own child in the place of Udai Singh. And she was just in time. Banbir rushed inside the apartment almost the next moment. "Where is the Prince,Udai Singh?", thundered Banbir

A Sacrifice for Motherland 12 ty painful heart she pointed to the cradle. Witha broken heart she witnessed With a 's the cruel dagger thrust mercilessly into the tender body of her own son. Can you i imagine her feelings at that time? She saved Udai Singh but sacrificed her son. Nor could Punna stay to mourn her dead child. As soon as cruel Banbir left the hall, she ran to the river-bed. She carried Udai Singh far into mountains to a spot of safety. Thus Punna Dhai, the loyal nurse, fulfilled her promise to the departed queen What a great sacrifice of an unlettered maid-servant for motherland

Maharana Pratap 

Maharana Pratap Pra AAwwwMA AMA TCV7NC was Ajabc In Rajasthan is known for its valour and sacrifices Is there anyone amongst youiVhO'has not heard of Maharana Pratap? The text that follows, describes Maharana Pratap, the great king of Mewar, Rajasthan forces ca to fight ag W successo They cro M Let's read: Maharana Pratap (or Pratap Singh) was born in Kumbhalgarh Fort of Mewar on 9 therefor Singh of of Maha Haldigh Maharana Pratap (1540-1597) May 1540 (3" day of the Jyeshta Shukla Phase-s c en). This fort is 85 kms away from Udaipur city. He was the eldest son. His mother was Maharani Jayawantabai. His father was Maharana Udai Singh II, the founder of Udaipur city Pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) was brave and bold right from his boyhood. Both the courtiers and'the public were proud of his qualities. He mastered the art of horse riding, weaponry and warfare tactics very early in his life. foug men fight arm

Maharana Pralap Pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) got married at the age of 17.His first wife In 1567 Pratap Singh (Maharana Pratap) was only 27 when the Mughal was Ajabde Panwar. In 1559 he was blesscd with his first son, Amar Singh. NC forces captured Chittor. The entire royal family left for Gogunda. Pratap wanted to fight against the Mughal butthe elders somehow convinced him not to do so. When Udai Singh II died in 1572, he appointed his son, Jagmal, as his g of successor before his death. The royal courtiers and senior nobles did not acceptit. They crowned Pratap Singh as the next Maharana in Gogunda. Maharana Pratap never accepted Akbar as the king of India. Akbar, on 9 therefore, decided to capture Mewar. He sent his Army General, Raja Maan Singh of Jaipur to overcome Chittorgarh. Maan Singh had a larger army thali that of Maharana Pratap. Maharana's army waited for the Mughal army at the narrOW Haldighati pass. It was the only route to Gogunda. The battle was fought on 1 8th June 1576. Maharana Pratap and his army fought bravely. He and his favourite horse Chetak were wounded. Maharana's men forced him to leave the battle field. The Mughal army also decided not to fight in the hills. With the help of Bhamashaha, Maharana Pratap re organised his army.He recaptured much of the lost territories of Mewar

Maharana Pratap died of injuries sustained in a hunting accident at Chavand on 29 January 1597 at the age of S7 6 Maharana Pratap B. Pratap Gaurav Kendra has been built beautifully in Udaipur to glorify the legendary life of Maharana Pratap. People can go there and see it free of cost. Glossary weaponry all the weapons of a particular type warfare the activity of fighting a war :to take control ofsomething. to persuade somebody to do something. capture convince the act oftaking a very high position, especially as a accession ruler of a country successor : aperson that comes after somebody and takes his place 8a person who is part of the court of a king a person who belonged to the highest social class. to put a crown on the head of a new king. courtier D. noble crown